Oldest Mountain Ranges

Map of the Appalachian Mountain physiographic ...

Map of the Appalachian Mountain physiographic regions, highlighting the Great Appalachian Valley, naming the main valleys making it up and the main mountains on either side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world?  Yep – you guessed it – The Appalachian Mountains, of which the Smokies are a part.  At first thought this was hard for me to believe because the mountains aren’t that high, and there are certainly more majestic mountain ranges in the world.  It seemed so much more romantic to think that maybe the Rockies, Swiss Alps, or Himalayas north of India were the oldest mountain range.  But nope, part of one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world is right here in Gatlinburg, accessible by car to a large population of the US, with lots of free activities; biking,  swimming, hiking, boating, and fishing!  This is probably why The Great Smokey Mountain National Park gets 8-10 million visitors annually.

മലയാളം: Northern Appalachian Mountains, Gaspe ...

Northern Appalachian Mountains, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec. 2004. by Paul Gagnon for mountain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About 270 million years ago the continents ancestral to North American and Africa collided which caused the Appalachian mountain range to form.  This booklet by the US Geologic Service tells all about the birth of the Appalachian Range.


Leaf Season in the Smoky Mountains

If you didn’t make it to leaf season in the Smoky Mountains this year I have a special treat for you, pictures from the season.  We caught just the end of the season and the colors are still SPECTACULAR!

A pic from the front porch of Southern Serenity:

A view from a porch

A view of the park as a passenger:

A view from the car

How about a panoramic view of the park?

A view from the lookout