Leaf Season in the Smoky Mountains

If you didn’t make it to leaf season in the Smoky Mountains this year I have a special treat for you, pictures from the season.  We caught just the end of the season and the colors are still SPECTACULAR!

A pic from the front porch of Southern Serenity:

A view from a porch

A view of the park as a passenger:

A view from the car

How about a panoramic view of the park?

A view from the lookout


Leaf Season

That’s what they call Fall in the Smoky Mountains, and the colors are spectacular!!  We were able to vacation at the end of leaf season last year, and the colors were way better than our fall colors in the upper midwest.  The funny thing is all the locals kept saying it was too bad we missed the colors a week earlier.  And yet we were thrilled with the beauty of the trees in early November.  This is my favorite shot from that trip – taken on a hike in the Roaring Fork area.

Roaring Forks

Old Trees

You can find them at the Chimneys picnic area in the park.  I’m told this part of the Smoky Mountain National Park has some of the oldest trees in the park, virgin hardwoods.

It was a beautiful day when I visited.  It was a little chilly but most importantly it was foggy.  So when you walked through the forest it was very quiet, as if you were in a room created by fog with just trees all around.  Very few people were there, it was an ethereal experience.  The trees and the fog made for some fun snapshots.