Fires in Gatlinburg and GSMNP

In November of 2016 there were wildfires at Smoky Mountain National Park. People lost homes and businesses, portions of the woods were burned, and unfortunately some people even lost their lives. It was a very scary and tragic event that will have repercussions for many years to come.

Photo Credit: WBIR Taken 12/9/16

People who love the area want you to know (whether they are permanent residents, or just visit once in a while) that Gatlinburg and the surrounding area is up and running and as vital as it ever was!! Downtown Gatlinburg wasn’t greatly affected by the fire, neither was Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, or most of the acreage in the park for that matter.

You will see some fire damage, There were homes and forested areas and resorts that suffered great damage. I was there in December 2016 and even then, less than a month after the wildfires, Gatlinburg was up and running strong! Those Tennessee folks sure are resilient! So please – govisit, set a spell in a rocking chair on a porch. Gatlinburg will be happy to have you!



To ATV or not To ATV? – that is the question

There are opportunities in the Smoky Mountain area to rent an ATV and have a mountain adventure on said vehicle.  I’m going to Southern Serenity this fall and an ATV ride sounds very appealing.  Adventure, challenging, fun, outdoors, beautiful, scenic, are all words that come to mind.  I’m vacationing with girlfriends and almost every one of them wants to do this – but we’re not getting any younger.  So the other words that come to mind are old, stiff, creaky, dangerous, rough, and accident.  YIKES!

So now I’m torn, to ATV or not To ATV? – that is the question.  I  think we’ll probably do this, and have loads of fun.  And why not, I mean why shouldn’t we take the risk and go all in on an ATV adventure on the side of a mountain?  After all – we’re not getting any younger!

What Mountaintop is in my header picture?

I took the picture at the top of this page.  I was in Black Bear Falls, on an early spring morning with the ‘smoke’ was still in the mountains.  It is one of my favorite pictures of the Smokies but for the life of me I can’t figure out which mountaintop I’m viewing.  This is where you come in.

Maybe you are from Gatlinburg and know this mountain.  Or maybe you’ve vacationed there enough and hiked the mountains enough to know this peak.  If you know what it is can you please let me know?  I’d like to be able to refer to it by name.  Thanks!