To ATV or not To ATV? – that is the question

There are opportunities in the Smoky Mountain area to rent an ATV and have a mountain adventure on said vehicle.  I’m going to Southern Serenity this fall and an ATV ride sounds very appealing.  Adventure, challenging, fun, outdoors, beautiful, scenic, are all words that come to mind.  I’m vacationing with girlfriends and almost every one of them wants to do this – but we’re not getting any younger.  So the other words that come to mind are old, stiff, creaky, dangerous, rough, and accident.  YIKES!

So now I’m torn, to ATV or not To ATV? – that is the question.  I  think we’ll probably do this, and have loads of fun.  And why not, I mean why shouldn’t we take the risk and go all in on an ATV adventure on the side of a mountain?  After all – we’re not getting any younger!