Marry me?

I’ve heard that Gatlinburg as a wedding location is second only to Las Vegas.  And I wouldn’t doubt it with the number of chapels in the area.  You see them on the main roads and the back roads.  Some are really fancy, and others are simple little chapels.  Some couples get married on a mountain or in a vacation cabin.

In addition to the number of chapels as proof you can always spot newly-wedded couples by the congratulatory messages painted on their car windows.  Lots of the stores have trinkets and treasures geared to the honeymooners as well.  The local salons cater some of their services to brides and the bridal party.  There is a huge bridal store on the main road into Gatlinburg, and there are even bridal shops where you can rent gowns, tuxes, and whatever else you may need!

One must admit The Smoky Mountains as a wedding venue is beautiful, and what better place to profess your love and begin a lifetime with the one you love than in the mountains?  Need to convince your intended to marry you in the Smoky Mountains?  Perhaps the links below will help.

Gatlinburg Weddings
Jim Eastin Weddings
Start planning your wedding here
Stuff to know about getting married in TN
Wedding Deals


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