Sugarlands Visitor Center Movie

A visit to the Sugarlands visitor center to see the movie is a must in my opinion.  I’ve seen it twice and would see it again on my next trip.  The movie is a great introduction to the history of the park and the biodiversity.

The movie is about 20 minutes long and they play it at least once an hour.  After you see the movie you will have a better understanding of the park and an idea of what you want to visit in the park.

On occasion they show other movies.  Stop at any visitors center and ask a ranger.  When we were there they were showing a movie at 1pm about the Civil War in the area.  I’m sure there are other movies and I’m going to try to see more of them on our future visits.

View from the paved trail near Sugarlands Visitor Center

If you can, please drop money in the collection box – there is no admission to the park and your donations will help maintain this beauty.

And just for fun – here is a link to the live webcam at Purchase Knob.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park


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