Wild Plum Tea Room

What fun we’ve had at the Wild Plum Tea Room in the Smoky Mountains!  Of course this is mostly for ladies, although I’ve seen couples each time I was there.  You will find this quaint restaurant on the eastern edge of the Arts & Crafts loop in Gatlinburg.  I’ve been there twice, with my female friends, and everyone likes it!  Although the restaurant doesn’t have a website you can find information about it from this review on Trip Advisor.

Table at Wild Plum

The table is set with fabrics and lace.  The dishes are antique china and glass, mix and match of course.  The waiting line is usually formed out onto the porch, but it doesn’t take long to get a seat.  Make sure you have their signature wild plum tea, iced or hot.  I prefer iced, but  my friend Donna reports the hot was delicious too.

They serve an assortment of salads, hot dishes including soups, and cold sandwiches.  They always have a special of the day – sometimes two, and dessert is a must!  Wild Plum Tea Room was just what the ladies needed after shopping the loop in Gatlinburg!

Daily Menu

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