Music and Pots

Jerry and Joan at Alewine Pottery

We were visiting Alewine Pottery on Glades Rd., one of our favorite places to take visitors. This time we brought 6 of our best friends and ended up settin’ a spell to listen to the duo Jerry and Joan. Jerry plays bass fiddle, limberjack, and banjo. Joan plays banjo, harmonica, and guitar. We sat in the rockers provided, ate the free popcorn, and just generally had a good time. The duo is very entertaining and loves it when the audience participates.

Jerry showed how the limberjack is used and asked for volunteers. Turns out I can play the limberjack too! Jerry told stories as they played and apparently the limberjack is an actual Smoky Mountain instrument for folks who  didn’t have enough resources for other instruments. They simply made a limberjack out of scrap wood and used it to play the rhythms.

Guitar and LimberJack

Jerry and Joan are a fixture at Alewine, they play everyday noon to 4pm. There are many places on the Arts and Crafts loop that provide music, but none are as comfortable and hospitable as Alewine Pottery.

Useful Links:
Jerry and Joan YouTube Video –
Jerry and Joan Lost Mill Duo –
Alewine Pottery –
LimberJack on YouTube – 

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