Smoky Mountains National Park Visitors Center

Sugarlands Paved Trail

Are you planning a trip to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park?  Or maybe you are living vicariously through other’s adventures in the Smoky Mountains?  Whatever the case may be the National Park Service provides a terrific online website with loads of information about planning your trip and visiting the park.

There are actually four visitors centers in the park any of which will be helpful during your trip. In addition there are four other park information locations in Gatlinburg, Sevierville, and Townsend.

My favorite visitors center, and probably the busiest, is Sugarlands. They have a 20 minute movie about the park, from initial concept through to today’s relevance.  The movie chronicles park history, people of the Smokies, natural habitats and the varied plants and animals in the park. I think it is worth the visit and plan to see it again this week.

There is a hike that starts right from Sugarlands and takes you to a waterfall, a good way to warm up those muscles for other more vigorous hikes in the park. There are live park presentations just about every day, and the information about this is available at Sugarlands.

Want to hike in the park but you need easy accessibility?  There is an accessible paved trail not far from Sugarlands Visitor Center which takes you right along a river – beautiful. Look for the bear prints left behind when the concrete trail was created!



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